The northern garden is an experiential construct far removed from our season-less electronic existence. The physicality of gardening stands in stark contrast to the sleek containment of on-line navigation.

In this series, human intercession determines the point of intersection of the natural and the technological. The insertion of personal intent occurs in both physical and digital space in the reordering of experience.

Through use of a decidedly low-tech pinhole lens, image sources are registered from these places which are human ordered, nature produced. Once acquired, these fragments are reconvened and mediated through digital intervention: The Twice Constructed Garden.

Each image serves as a channel for the exploration of expectation and recognition.                         

Gloria DeFilipps Brush

© 1997–2000

The images in this series have their sources in photographs made with a pinhole lens. Those sources then have been digitally selected and manipulated on computer, and are archival pigment ink prints.