In this evolving, long-term series I use the opened book as the recurring connotative premise and arena for interactions of visual thoughts and notations.

The book itself as object is multivalent, its meaning shifting with the expectations and framing of the reader. The relationship between fact and fiction may be altogether evident to one individual, unfathomable to another, or the very distinction between seen as irrelevant or non-existent by still others. 

Memories encoded in books are inexactly iterative. 

Pages cannot always contain thoughts.

Our histories invite revision.

The template of an open book, with pages coming before and after, courts habits of thought involving sequence or succession. Two facing pages propose an inevitable correlation, even if only to mark an end and a beginning.

This series fuses the innate power of objects with overheard, recorded or sometimes imagined or only implied dialogues. Photography’s own uncertain presence as observer is implicit. 

Gloria DeFilipps Brush

© 2007, 2016

These photographs are archival inkjet prints from digitally mediated, multiple camera sources.

This series has been supported in part by a University of Minnesota Grant-in-Aid of Research and Imagine grants.